Scholar Sponsor Xumin Hu

Former Scholar Sponsors Future Scholars

Xumin Hu came to the U.S. from China, following his father who had arrived in 2000. Xumin was sent to live with his father’s friend in San Francisco, CA and attended Balboa High School. He won the Education First scholarship in 2008, that gave him the chance to have a full college experience at his dream school, University of California, Berkeley.

Reflecting on the experiences, Xumin wanted to get involved and give back to the organizations that supported him. In 2018, Xumin started funding our Sponsor a Scholar Program, where individuals or organizations can directly fund a scholarship of a student.

A former scholar turned scholar sponsor, Xumin Hu is an inspiring role model that is helping others that were in his same situation.

Pursuing Scholarship Opportunities

During high school, he had worked at three different restaurants while trying to adjust and adapt to this new environment. As many other immigrants attending the school, Xumin relied on the guidance counselor to understand how to navigate the school system. He was directed to several scholarship opportunities, including the Education First scholarship and coaching program.

Xumin applied, interviewed and was awarded the scholarship. During the meeting with one of the Education First volunteers, Xumin learned about his interviewers professional background in management consulting. Through brief, the conversation piqued his interest enough to learn more about the career path. He decided to pursue this career and attended business school at his alma mater. Today, Xumin attributes his decision to pursue management consulting to that experience with Education First.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scholars

Since then, Xumin has gone on to use his experience consulting to start his own company. He remains thankful to those that provided him with guidance during high school, including his math and English teachers. The support he received pushed him out of his comfort zone to go after the education and career that he aspired. Both teachers had experience working with immigrants and applied those skills to helping kids at Balboa build their confidence. Through his philanthropic work, he hopes to provide that same support to high school students that are overcoming the same obstacles that he faced growing up.  

Never give up — there’s always help.

Xumin Hu
2008, Education First Scholar
2018 to Present, Volunteer & Scholarship Sponsor

As a former scholar, he wants to remind students to never be afraid to ask for help, to try their best, and seize every opportunity; there are people and organizations that want to help you achieve your dreams.

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