Our Scholarships

For the 2022/2023 high school year, we will be offering the following awards:

  • One $5,000 and one $2,000 college scholarship in each of our chapter cities
  • Every recipient provided access to a professional college coach

Students must be a senior at one of our participating schools to apply. Selected applicants will be invited to participate in an interview before we make a final decision. We are not necessarily looking for the "straight A" student, but rather one who can overcome obstacles and be successful in college.


Andrea Francisco, Chief Sealth High School, University of Washington

Participating High Schools

Education First offers college scholarships in each of the below cities. Only seniors from participating schools can apply for the awards.


  • Eastside
  • Northeast
  • Travis


  • Brighton
  • Brockton
  • City on a Hill


  • Jefferson
  • North
  • West

Los Angeles

  • Garfield
  • Jefferson
  • Manual Arts


  • David Douglas
  • McDaniel
  • Roosevelt

San Diego

  • Crawford
  • Lincoln
  • Morse

San Francisco

  • Balboa
  • Mission
  • Thurgood Marshall


  • Chief Sealth
  • Cleveland
  • Rainier Beach
Jessica Osorio, Crawford High School,<br/>San Diego City College
Jessica Osorio, Crawford High School,
San Diego City College

Jessica Osorio, Crawford High School, San Diego City College

How It Works

  • Since 1996, Education First has awarded over $1,000,000 in scholarships.
  • Scholarships from Education First are valid up to seven years after high school graduation and can be applied to tuition or books.
  • We send the full scholarship directly to the college/university in the first term, allowing scholars to work with their financial aid office and determine which years (or terms) to apply the award.
  • Scholars can request a different payout schedule, as it is not our intent to affect their overall financial aid package.
  • If a scholar transfers, they request unused funds to be returned to Education First and funds are re-directed to their new school.

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